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Wandering Through Romania

In February, I booked a small group tour to a country that has never been on my “must see” list. Who knew that a country I was so unfamiliar with would capture my heart like it did?! Romania…utterly surprising and completely unforgettable.

Christmas Letters and Other Traditions

Every year around this time I sit down to write a Christmas letter – a tradition my parents began before I was born. As a teenager I loved pulling out my parents’ old letters to read about their lives before I was born and, of course, the ones that included me, too! There is no better record of our family’s history than these Christmas letters. They are a real treasure!

A #PureMichigan Pandemic Adventure

I guess I didn’t plan well. I picked the strangest time to begin traveling with my dog – in the middle of a pandemic. So, with the basics mastered, and the pandemic making me stir-crazy, I decided to book us a little adventure to test the waters. I am always drawn to the Great Lakes.


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